Ms. Karen Lacey

Sports Rehabilitation & Exercise Therapy

BSc (Hons) GSR

Karen is a fully licensed Sports Rehabilitation Therapist with current membership of BASRaT and Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland (ARTI).

Since graduating, Karen has gained a wealth of experience in both Sports & Private Practice. In 2009, Karen was the recipient of an internship to Texas A&M University Sports Medicine Centre. Having worked as part of a multi-disciplinary care team for elite scholarship athletes including soccer, basketball, athletics and American Football, Karen has a thorough understanding of the diagnosis and rehabilitation of a wide range of sporting injuries. This placement, along with Karen’s sporting history allows for a greater appreciation for the demand placed on athletes and the need for top quality rehabilitation.

Karen has spent the past two years specialising in the rehabilitation of chronic low back & hip/groin pain, neck/shoulder dysfunction and foot pain, working alongside highly skilled practitioners in Cork. With a strong belief in patient education and understanding, Karen enables her patients to play an active role in their injury rehabilitation.

Karen’s main areas of interest include:

1.       Biomechanics (body structure and how segments of the human body moves and bears weight),

2.       Myotherapy (manual therapy which focuses on the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated pathologies)and

3.       Neurokinetics (muscular dysfunction and correction).

Having a passion for rehabilitation, Karen is very pro-active in her approach to injury rehabilitation and prevention. She prides herself on staying up to date with contemporary and innovative treatment techniques, providing the highest level of care to her clients. In addition to her Bachelor degree in Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation, Karen has spent extensive hours doing continuing professional development and has had the opportunity to work with the world’s elite musculoskeletal rehabilitation specialists, including Craig Liebenson, Professor Stuart McGill and David Weinstock.

Karens skills and expertise include:

·         Low Back/Hip Pain, Musculoskeletal Injuries – Manual Therapy

·         Sport Specific Functional Rehabilitation Techniques

·         Exercise prescription for prehabilitation, rehabilitation and injury prevention

·         Assessment and treatment of postural and movement dysfunctions and muscle imbalance

·         AlterG anti-gravity treadmill exercise/rehabilitation

·         Biomechanics/Orthotic Prescription

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